Welcome to my blog!

I am Andi, mom to 5 fabulous boys, ages 12.5-2. My life is full love love and laughter, and my boys are my life.

A few years ago my middle son, C, was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and we were quite literally thrown into a scary unknown world. My 4 and 9 year olds are on the Autism Spectrum, which brings a whole new set of challenges, and my almost 13 year old is facing his own struggles with being an almost teenager.

My hope of this blog is to give an insight to the world of EoE, food allergies, diet changes, and just day to day struggles and events of our lives. My life is not easy nor is it typical, but it’s my life and I am blessed to be given the chance to mother these amazing little boys.

Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy your stay!